It tripped just before it nearly achieved an iconic status. The rise and fall of RIM’s Blackberry smartphones bears connotations of “the survival of the fittest”. The once favourite & most reliable toy of the corporate world soon aged and was outsmarted by the more young and dynamic IPhone & Android smartphones. BB saw its global market share drop from about 20% in 2009 to a little over 5% by mid-2012. As it fast lost market share, the server outages were a big put off for BB loyalists.

BlackBerry-Z10-602x481Come 2013 and the RIM’s Blackberry is all set to make a comeback but it would not be “RIM’s” any more. The company has decided to adopt the name “Blackberry” as it introduced its new range of smartphones at a glitzy event in New York on January 30. The BB Z10 & BB Q10 will both run on the new BlackBerry 10 platform. While the Q10 sports the same old QWERTY keyboard, it’s the Z10 that is attracting all  the attention.

The BB Z10, similar in looks to an IPhone, has a decent hardware with a 4.2 inch touchscreen with 1280X768p resolution. Powered by dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor and 2 GB RAM, the phone would also come along with 16 GB  onboard storage extendible to 32 GB via MicroSD card. The 8MP rear camera is capable shooting 1080p videos is complemented by a 2MP front unit. For connectivity, the device has Wi-Fi, 3G, 2G, 4G (market dependant), Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

The configuration has put BB Z10 into the top league in terms of hardware and what’s buzzing even more are all the never seen before features of Blackberry 10 platform. One such feature being the “BlackBerry Balance”. It lets the user separate professional communications and applications from personal stuffs like games, music, photos, etc.

Let’s quickly shift gears to the new BB strategy. BlackBerry knew that their latest offering would decide its fate in the mobile phone market. The BlackBerry 10 platform phones got delayed by almost an year as the company wanted to put its best foot forward. They wanted to produce a gadget that would not only appeal to geeks but would also revive its corporate consumer base. A change in the company name to “BlackBerry” signals that BlackBerry is ready to go all out to make the last ditch survival attempt pinning all its hope on this latest move. The BlackBerry 10 received with mixed reviews, little on the positive side though, is a signal of sunnier days to come for the Canadian phone maker.