I am writing today to neither fight for women’s rights nor to justify demands for 50:50 female corporate board presence. I am just writing my thoughts on how more women in male dominated spaces can make them a better place.


Women complete a man’s world and vice-versa. Be it a mother, a sister, a wife or a girl friend, they have been around to support men in their endeavours. Time and again women have shown they can take a lead as well and perform. I believe everyone agrees to that. Then why does the word ‘struggle’ comes to mind when we think of women rising to the top of their surroundings, like being a bread-winner at home or taking up important positions in the office?

Most women yearn for a lovely family, friends, lovely kids and happiness around. They are soft spoken and people oriented. Is this a weakness? Most women do not prefer to step into office space, build their careers or climb the corporate ladder. Is this lack of aspiration or their complete disinterest in these matters? The answer is ‘No’. The way women look at life is completely different. They are wired differently. For most women, there are better things to do than reading stock quotes every few seconds. Most women value an extra hour spent with kids in the evening more than spending an extra hour at the office. It is beyond comprehension for most men, including those who site biological reasons for the absence of women from most male dominated spaces.

If you have noticed, I used the words ‘most women’ above and not ‘all’. This is because some women do like to read stock quotes, to work on quantum physics theories, writing thousands of lines of codes and even be the boss at the work place. But sadly, the scepticism of their male colleagues towards their abilities to do these jobs has made every step for women workers, a struggle.

My suggestion to men. Do not feel threatened by a female colleague doing well at your workplace. Accept and learn from her. If you got excellent analytical skills then she possesses great soft skills. If you can take (read create) up all the stress at workplace, then she can help diffuse it. You are risk takers and they are risk averse (By the way, could the financial crisis be averted if there were more women decision makers at the top?). She is practically the answer to most negativities of a male dominated workplace. In my own experience, women make great mentors too. So encourage diversity, encourage women to come forward and help re-shape the way the world runs today.

Let’s spread some pink on this blue planet today.


Aditya Dutta
Twitter: @aditya_datta