An act of terrorism in New York. Twelve years on, millions have paid with their lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 


If the mission in Af-pak region was to terminate a few thousand bad guys, who indeed were terrorists with only one mission that is to kill in the name of religion, how does one account for the lives of millions who died in the last 12 years. And now the same International alliance is about to hold peace talks with the very same terrorists they had initially set out to kill. In all of this, thousands of NATO soldiers also lost their lives. 

They were just following orders and acted as mere puppets in the hands of their respective state administration. Millions of innocent Afghan civilians, men, women and children, lost their lives. I remember one incident during the war in Afghanistan. The drones spotted a group of men walking somewhere on a highway. One of them had a built similar to the once most wanted terrorist in the world. Without ground confirmation and in a hurried manner, the drones were directed to launch a missile attack which blew away the entire group. Later ground reports confirmed they were innocent civilians who got killed, for no fault of theirs. It was a case of mistaken identity. An identity which no one bothered to check twice.

WARThere are thousands of similar stories in the whole of AF-PAK region. The killing of Osama might have brought some joy to the families of victims of 9/11. But, will the families of victims in AF-PAK ever live in peace?

If terrorism means killing innocents….is the AF-PAK war one of the biggest acts of terrorism in the world? And whom do we hold responsible…….

Aditya Dutta
Twitter: @aditya_datta